The Dystopian Descent Of Oregon

Like New York and California, Oregon is yet another state that is tightly under the thumb of the Democrat Party. It is more than apparent with the rampant levels of crime that happen with little to no consequences for perpetrators.

Oregon struggles with a drug crisis, looting problems, and many other issues. Moreover, COVID gave the Democrats running the state a chance to ramp up authoritarianism and other destructive policies significantly.

As tyrants always do, Oregon started with some control and then massively escalated. However, a breaking news report from National Review reveals the Democrat-controlled state is altogether embracing dystopia.

Unfortunately for the people of Oregon, the state is working towards making mask mandates for indoor buildings permanent. It is far from the temporary measure Oregon leaders promised masking would be towards the inception of COVID and even beyond.

The Oregon Health Authority is currently in talks with the state’s business associations and restaurant industry to make masking the “new normal.” As of right now, this has not gone into effect in the state. However, Oregon officials are paving out the path to permanence.

A year ago, when Americans warned Democrats would try to keep the control they managed to gain during the height of the “pandemic,” these folks were called conspiracy theories. Yet, these so-called conspiracy theories are playing out in real-time. As this all transpires, there are still individuals who remain asleep at the wheel.

Quite frankly, the country shouldn’t be shocked if Oregon makes it permanent for individuals in public buildings to wear face coverings. It is a way to control people, and the opportunity for more control is something that leftist leaders never pass up.

If the Democrat Party had its way, the things happening in states like Oregon, New York, and California would be the law of the land nationwide.

What Democrats want is mandatory vaccine passports, mask mandates, and the ability for anyone to work, purchase food, or leave their homes without showing proof of vaccination. States like Oregon may be essentially done for. But conservatives and patriots must ensure this rot doesn’t infest the rest of the country.

Contrary to what leftists want Americans to believe, no one has the right to force a needle into someone’s body or “mandate” them to cover their mouths and noses.

What’s most ironic about mask mandates, though, is that many leaders who implement such orders can’t be bothered to abide by them.