The Gates Foundation Wants To Push People Into Taking COVID-19 Vaccines

When COVID-19 vaccines were rolled out, a lot of Americans had reservations. People questioned this vaccine coming out in a fraction of the time as other vaccines before it. The need for a vaccine was also challenged, considering COVID-19 is over 99% survivable for the majority of people.

Health officials and politicians did everything to make Americans roll up their sleeves and take these shots. First, people were bribed with free beer, free donuts, and even cash handouts.

Then, the push became more aggressive with leaders passing COVID-19 vaccine mandates. These mandates had people lose their jobs and be denied entry into most public settings without a vaccine passport.

While most vaccine mandates have been rolled back, the fight is far from over. That’s thanks to the Gates Foundation that is exploring new tactics to coerce folks into taking COVID-19 vaccines.

The Dangerous Agenda of the Gates Foundation
It is a well-established fact that individuals who are vaccinated against COVID-19 can still get sick, experience virus symptoms, and pass their infections on to others. However, the Gates Foundation still believes strong-arming people to take COVID-19 vaccines later down the line is a good idea.

The Gates Foundation seeks to make this happen by funding various investigations into incentives that will motivate people to take these shots. Some of what they’re come up with so far involve monetary bribes and even specific communication/advertising directed at various demographics.

Research backed by the Gates Foundation is all about ending so-called “vaccine hesitancy.” Naturally, amid this work, the foundation isn’t doing anything to address legitimate, serious concerns that people have about COVID-19 vaccines.

One of the top concerns deals with data that’s linked these shots to myocarditis. However, if the Gates Foundation gets its way, people will stop questioning this and start mindlessly rolling up their sleeves.

The Gates Foundation also doesn’t appear to be investigating why COVID-19 vaccines cannot stop inoculated persons from getting sick, spreading their sickness, and experiencing virus symptoms.

Never Stop Fighting
It wasn’t too long ago that Joe Biden was trying to force most businesses across the nation to make their employees take COVID-19 vaccines or fire them. The only reason this isn’t a reality in America today is that Republicans fought this all the way to the Supreme Court.

Now, yet another legal battle over COVID-19 vaccine mandates is heading to the Supreme Court.