The Grave Importance Of Defeating COVID Vaccine Mandates

America is in a battle of medical freedom vs. biomedical fascism. The former side wants people in this country to make their own healthcare decisions; meanwhile, the other side believes the government has the right to bully people into medical decisions and threaten anyone who refuses.

When Joe Biden was running for the White House last year, he stated he wouldn’t make vaccines mandatory. Likewise, during the genesis of his administration, the White House also admitted national vaccine mandates didn’t fall under the function of the federal government.

Of course, months after this, the Biden administration went ahead and tried to implement nationwide COVID vaccine mandates. They even dared to claim that doing this was within the law.

Thankfully, multiple courts have intervened and stopped Biden’s vaccine mandates. However, as PJ Media reports, all of this goes to show the critical importance of conservatives defeating COVID vaccine mandates once and for all.

This week, GOP Rep. Chip Roy laid out the reality of where the country stands when it comes to the medical freedom vs. biomedical fascism fight. The Texas Republican explained that Republicans could not find any legislation that allows for the funding of vaccine mandates.

Ultimately, Rep. Roy explained that America is at a pivotal crossroads, and conservatives will have to decide which direction to go in. One direction encompasses standing up for the rights of Americans, for limited government, and the US Constitution itself.

The other direction entails conservatives bowing down to the radical left and letting them do whatever they please while talking a good game on right-wing media channels. The time to decide is now.

If Republicans choose the former, the United States will be better off for it, and tyrants will be dealt a crushing blow of defeat. However, if Republicans choose the latter, tyrants will win, and freedom will die.

At this time, the United States appears to be heading toward standing for the US Constitution, the American people’s rights, and for limited government. It is evidenced by the recent victories Republicans have had in court with stopping the Biden vaccine mandate.

However, the fight is far from over. This authoritarian president and his administration have not given up on making biomedical fascism the law of the land. Therefore, conservatives must keep fighting and never relinquish until tyranny is subdued once and for all.