The Grave Importance Of Standing Up For America

Freedom is one of the core values of the United States of America. This nation was founded upon, yet, in 2021, America is now stuck with a president who has no regard for freedom whatsoever. 

Joe Biden has proven his lack of regard for freedom time and time again. One instance reared its ugly head weeks ago when Biden stood on stage during a town hall event, mocking Americans who object to COVID vaccine mandates based on freedom. 

Another unfortunate instance arrived when Biden nominated Saule Omarova to head the Office of Comptroller of Currency. Omarova has gone on record declaring her interest in eliminating private banking and calling for oil and gas industries to go bankrupt as a means of fighting climate change. 

It can be pretty discouraging to know the president has no respect for American freedoms whatsoever. However, it is precisely for this reason that standing up for freedom and America is so vital, as PJ Media points out.

Without freedom, America is lost forever. It makes the fight for freedom that much more vital. Some of the best ways Americans can defend freedom against tyrants entail electing leaders who believe in putting America First and liberties first. 

It also means rejecting leaders who believe sacrificing freedom for security or the so-called “greater good” is acceptable. This mentality has led the United States into being stuck with a president who wants to strip away the rights of people to make their own medical choices.  

Americans can fight for freedom by ensuring that leftists do not indoctrinate our next generation of children into believing lies like critical race theory. The freedom for parents to have a say in their education and have open communication with school boards is vital. 

Future generations need to know America is great because of the freedoms and liberties that come with being in this country. These next few years are going to have severe implications on where we go as a country. Right now, the United States is at a crossroads.

As many patriots have realized, holding the line is not always easy. However, it is necessary. It’s a must for not just people alive today, but also our children and grandchildren of the future. 

We cannot allow future generations of Americans to look back and view freedom as nothing more than a relic of past times. As President Ronald Reagan once said, freedom is not ever further than one generation away from extinction.

That assertion has never been more accurate than it is now.