The Hilarious Infighting Of The Never Trump Folks

For a conservative, the decision was evident between Trump and Biden. You either selected someone with fantastic ideas that reduced government involvement in your life and let you prosper, or you chose someone who would undoubtedly push the public farther left, giving the radical, left-leaning Democratic Party increased influence and power. Everything else was a waste of time. It is an existential issue for conservatives, and choosing the other man would result in the current scenario. None of Biden’s terrible policies or authoritarianism are unexpected in this light. Anyone who claimed to believe in the nation’s fundamental ideals or be a “conservative” should have opposed it all.

However, everything they did was intended towards Trump and resulted in the country falling farther to the extremist left, regardless of their stated beliefs. So Nick Arama found Bill Kristol and Mona Charen criticizing The Dispatch’s Jonah Goldberg hilarious. In the case of Never Trumpers, their connection with Donald Trump is their defining characteristic. Despite their dislike for him, he is vital to their existence.

Furthermore, Goldberg asserts that Never Trump and pro-Trump media are “opposite sides of the same Trump-obsessed coin.” Charen was enraged that Goldberg appeared to be engaged in “little disagreements” with her. Goldberg’s web page, The Bulwark, has been accused of Trump Derangement Syndrome by some who believe that criticizing El Jefe constitutes treason. Well, if one is disappointed, Joe Biden has been left more than they expected. Do people realize how Joe Biden and the Democrats have broken norms?

However, maybe it’s all about emphasis. In light of the Republican Party’s insane slide, Kristol wishes Biden well. Nick Arama stated that he’d vote for Democrat in the Virginia governor’s race since the Republican endorsed the fraud theory. Therefore, the public must sometimes favor one over the other, even if it is uncomfortable. Trying to drive Democrats toward moderate, popular, and successful ideas for the only sane party remaining is not endorsing Bernie Sanders’ program.

Additionally, it’s not a partisan concession. So they’re lined up to make the same mistake again, giving Democrats additional power based on a misunderstanding of what Youngkin said. It’s not their fault McAuliffe doesn’t believe in parental rights and drags the country further left. 

On the other hand, Clinton and the Democrats created a bogus tale about the Russian connection to polarize the nation. They are a big reason why the US is so divided. With the enormous harm it caused, that should disqualify their party. Americans were upset when Clinton/DNC intervened and threw unity under the bus. Who could ever forgive them? To label them the “same party” when they will do anything for power is a misnomer. Never Trump supporters frequently support Democratic views. You are a Democrat if you vote for Democrats. Perhaps if they accepted the truth, then they could finally be rid of Trump. Unfortunately, at this point, it’s only a minor distinction.