The Hill Isn’t Happy With Joe Biden Being Held Accountable

Under the Biden administration, it’s no secret that the quality of life in this country is a shell of its previous self. Energy independence, strategic economic measures, and America First policies have each been ripped away with Joe Biden as president.

Biden continues to claim his measures and leadership are all about “building back better.” Then, when Americans point out issues like notable rises in crime, illegal immigration, and inflation, the Biden administration shrugs it off or denies these issues exist.

Recently, the president was called out for massive stock market declines that have occurred on his watch. This led to some upset from The Hill, which rushed to do damage control for Biden.

Reframing the Narrative
As Republicans rightfully call out stock market declines, along with other economic losses occurring under the Biden administration, The Hill tried to turn things around.

The left-leaning publication ran a piece in which GOP members were accused of “pouncing” on Biden.

Although The Hill conceded the stock market is “faltering,” it still made Republicans out to be the villains, implying that criticisms against Biden are purely motivated by politics, rather than based in facts.

In other words, the publication prefers to deflect from the suffering stock market and instead make the greater issue about Biden being called out on this.

Naturally, as The Hill dinged Republicans for citing the economy as reason not to vote for Democrats in November, the publication ignored the litany of excuses Biden has used to discourage Americans from voting for Republicans in the midterms.

The Bottom Line
In spite of how much The HIll or any other publications try to defend the president, the failures of his leadership are before Americans every single day.

When people go to the gas stations, they see gas being many times more costly than it was before Trump left office. As Americans work to keep their homes warm this winter, they’ll see Biden’s attacks on energy independence translate to higher utility bills.

On this president’s watch, the economy is on life support. People are having to come out of retirement, put off plans to buy homes, and even look for second jobs just to make ends meet.

If The Hill and other publications were honest, they too would be holding this administration accountable for the damage it’s done.