The Insidious Reasoning Behind Left-Wing Projection

Time and time again, Americans have had a front-row seat to Democrats projecting their shortcomings and problems onto Republicans.

Democrats constantly accuse Republicans of being racists. Yet, during the 2020 presidential election, Biden declared that black people who chose not to vote for him were not black.

Democrats consistently claim that Republicans don’t care about working-class people. However, left-wing fiscal policies are directly linked to higher taxes and lower wages.

The left has a well-established, well-documented tendency of accusing Republicans of what Democrats are guilty of.

However, according to The Federalist, there is actual reasoning behind this leftist projection that every American ought to be aware of.

Deflection is ultimately one of the most significant reasons leftists project their flaws onto conservatives. Democrats wrongly accusing the political right of being racist, sexist, etc., absolves the left to defend their policies and positions.

Today, most Democrats know their extreme policies will never hold up. Therefore, they seek to deflect attention and demonize their opposition. Thankfully, this underhanded tactic is something that more and more Americans are waking up to each day.

Another factor behind Democrats’ projection of Republicans is narcissism. Most leftists seem to believe they are above reproach. Therefore, when challenged by conservatives on policy issues, leftists are offended.

Democrats of today believe that everyone should bow down and do what they say. However, life doesn’t work that way and neither does politics.

As more Americans are forced to live with the horrible ramifications of having a left-wing president in office, this is causing people to ask more questions rather than fewer questions.

For quite some time, Democrats have held the view that projecting lies and slander onto Republicans will allow them to escape accountability. Thankfully, this is not the case.
Despite their best efforts, the White House’s attempt to blame Republicans for police departments being defunded across the nation didn’t work.

Likewise, the Biden administration claiming that Republicans are trying to hurt children (as the left pushes critical race theory and permanent child gender transitioning) isn’t sticking, either.

The more Democrats falsely malign Republicans, the more credibility Democrats will lose. There’s a reason why Democrats are on course to losing the midterms. There’s also a reason why poll after poll shows the public turning against Biden and rejecting his policies.

Collective, Americans have tired of leftists shamelessly trying to pass the buck.