The January 6 Committee is Working Towards a New Angle

At this point, the January 6 committee has burned its bridges with much of the country. To this day, there exists a sizable group of Americans who don’t trust this committee or its intentions.

The January 6 committee claims it’s all about defending democracy and getting to the bottom of all that transpired during the Capitol riots last year. However, many Americans have a different perception.

Critics warn the true objectives of the January 6 committee are to prevent a Trump 2024 presidential run, along with distracting from the many disasters happening on the watch of the Biden administration.

Now, it’s come out that the committee is pursuing a possible testimony from former Vice President Mike Pence.

Understanding the Committee’s Newest Angle
During an interview with ABC News, outgoing Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) stated the January 6 committee is in talks with Pence’s legal representatives.

The conversations revolve around the possibility of the former vice president appearing before the committee and sharing his version of events about what transpired on January 6.

Cheney didn’t stop there, though. She continued by stating Pence’s involvement in last year’s oversight of the 2020 presidential election was “critical.”

After mentioning the level of “respect” she has for Pence, the Wyoming congresswoman claimed that it’s important for the nation to know “every aspect” of January 6, 2021.

When ABC News asked Cheney about whether or not she could definitively state Pence will appear before the committee, Cheney said she hopes Pence understands the importance of transparency.

The Wyoming Republican’s full interview with ABC News will be shared with the public on Sunday, August 21.

The Witch Hunt Continues
Many Americans have pointed out there seems to be no end to when the committee will finally wrap up its work. This is another factor that critics point to when warning the committee is pursuing a witch hunt against Trump.

The former president himself also warns the January 6 committee has a pattern of overlooking bits and pieces of information that don’t fit their narrative.

So far, the January 6 committee hasn’t directly responded to claims from Trump or his supporters. However, it does continue to insist that Trump is a so-called “danger to democracy.”