The Left Calls It ‘Equity,’ And It’s Not The Founding Fathers ‘Equality’

The Declaration of Independence begins with words that remain world-famous to this day so that even schoolchildren can repeat them by rote after a lesson on American history.

The foundational premise of the great American experiment began even before these words were put down to send over the ocean to King George III.

This idea, and the striving of the American people toward it as their ideal for society, is what created the unparalleled abundance, prosperity, and opportunity that generations of Americans continue to inherit and improve upon to this day.

But there’s another idea, one contrary entirely to the American concept of equality among all men and women before the law: The idea that the law should be used against some of us differently than it is used against others, that the law should decide for us how to pursue our happiness, and that if someone’s life or liberty stands in the way of a government program that is sold well enough to the public by news charlatans as benevolent and scientific, that that individual’s life and liberty must yield to make way for the professional busybodies of the political class.

The first idea, the American idea, is called “equality.”

The Left calls its big idea “equity.”

In a 2020 presidential campaign ad, Kamala Harris, who settled for being vice president under a president that she said shouldn’t be president because of his opposition to federal bussing to support racial integration when she was a student, had this to say about equity:

“It’s about giving people the resources and the support they need so that everyone can be on equal footing and then compete on equal footing. Equitable treatment means we all end up in the same place.”

Note everywhere you see it online and when people say it to you that this claim that has been made by welfare statistics, communists, and socialists of every stripe, for centuries now is always missing context: Giving people what resources? From where? And how?

Of course, by taking it from others. And not taking it from others by asking for them nicely, not taking it from others by persuasion, not asking that others pitch into a charitable cause, but by forcibly extracting trillions of dollars of resources from individual incomes, fledgling, and strong small businesses, and vast commercial enterprises.

The government takes tax money from the world’s people by threats and intimidation, treating them like criminals if they don’t pay.

And it always ends up the same despite all the glowing promises of brother love and utopia that the political class always promises in the beginning: People end up with less equality and less “equity.” Whatever rebrand you come up with to polish it for the voters, communism is still communism. It makes everyone less accessible and poorer, except for the elites like Harris running it.