The Leftist State ‘Regrets’ Treating Unvaccinated Medical Workers

During 2020, the nation collectively lauded American healthcare workers as saints, saviors, and heroes. Healthcare workers were heralded as selfless people, putting their lives and well-being on the line to deal with mass numbers of COVID-infected individuals in hospitals.

However, in 2021, the narrative changed. Suddenly, it was determined that healthcare workers who refused to get the COVID vaccine were selfish and unsavory. The same individuals who lauded these frontline workers as saints and saviors had no issue with them later being fired from their jobs.

Hospitals didn’t hesitate to give the boot to healthcare workers who refused the COVID vaccine. However, as PJ Media reports, this is rapidly beginning to backfire.

Michigan is one of many communities that opted to terminate unvaccinated healthcare workers. The argument behind these terminations was that healthcare workers without a vaccine against COVID somehow posed a danger to patients and other staff.

It comes even though unvaccinated healthcare workers did their jobs throughout 2020 before the COVID vaccine was even available.

After having fired unvaccinated employees, the Michigan-based Henry Ford Health System is having issues with what’s being referred to as the “bat flu.” As a result of this illness, the Henry Ford Health System has been forced to make 97 beds closed off because they don’t have enough staff on the beat.

Meanwhile, the company’s level of COVID patients has risen by 25% within the past seven days. According to Henry Ford Health System medical director Dennis Cunningham, there are real concerns regarding the days and months ahead.

As a result of staffing shortages, the company is lessening the mandated self-isolated periods for workers who catch COVID from seven days to five days.

As time passes, more Americans are waking up to the lies they’re being fed about the reality and gravity of COVID. For starters, the claims of COVID being a pandemic of “the unvaccinated” is not valid. Almost daily, Americans hear about vaccinated and boosted civilians and lawmakers coming down with COVID.

Likewise, the notion of the country being in a health pandemic while simultaneously firing healthcare workers is nonsensical. Many Americans have noted that if the United States were facing a health pandemic, facilities like the Henry Ford Health System would not be firing staffers, vaccinated or not.

If hospitals and other facilities are genuinely overwhelmed, they have the power to avert this issue by rehiring all the unvaccinated healthcare workers they fired in 2021.