The Left’s Opposition To Free Speech is a Sign of Problems

Since Tesla CEO Elon Musk managed to purchase the company known as Twitter, he’s been very candid about his intentions with the platform. These intentions ultimately boil down to preserving free speech and making Twitter a better place for everyone.

Even before Musk’s acquisition was a done deal, he repeatedly emphasized the importance of First Amendment rights. Musk’s commitment to the First Amendment is so solid that he even expressed his interest in his loudest critics remaining on Twitter for the sake of free speech.

Yet, despite the Tesla CEO’s openness to letting people of all viewpoints have a say on Twitter, various left-wingers have been having these emotional breakdowns over the company’s new ownership.

As documented by PJ Media, this speaks to a series of very real problems.

The Troubled Relationship Between Leftists and Free Speech

For years on end, leftists have enjoyed Twitter being weaponized as a tool that shut down the voices and speech of their political opponents.

As of late, left-wingers have even adopted the habit of calling any speech they disagree with “misinformation”, “disinformation”, a “danger to democracy”, or hate speech.

However, despite the untrue nature of these claims, leftists don’t seem to truly understand what free speech is. Just because someone posts something on Twitter, this doesn’t mean that anyone has to read it.

Leftists, if they truly find opposing opinions to be so vile and wrong, can easily mute or block accounts or simply not watch them. Yet, left-wingers seem to feel as though this isn’t enough. In 2022, it seems the left can only be happy if just they, and others who think like them, are able to speak freely.

The Greater Problem at Hand

Due to leftists’ consistent attacks on free speech, it’s very safe to conclude they either don’t feel comfortable with challenging opposing opinions or simply struggle with finding out what they should agree with, disagree with, or ignore altogether.

This doesn’t bode well for America’s future, especially with leftists outnumbering conservatives in teaching roles in K-12 schools and on college campuses.

Ultimately, it remains to be seen what happens with Twitter under the ownership of Elon Musk. Many Americans, and conservatives especially, are hoping that Musk makes good on his promises to stand by free speech and not cave to the powers that be as they demand censorship.

In many ways, what comes next for Twitter could signal whether free speech or censorship is the path of the future.