The Minneapolis Federation of Teachers is Embracing Racism

Teachers unions are continuing to dig themselves into deeper and deeper holes with the American people. When they’re not working to keep kids out of classrooms, they’re calling parents “domestic terrorists” for making their voices heard during school board meetings.

Furthermore, teachers unions have been clear that they believe students “belong” to the community and to instructors, rather than to their parents.

If this wasn’t bad enough, teachers unions are likewise notorious for being closely aligned with the Democrat Party and openly hostile to school choice. The latter boils down to teachers unions’ financial reliance on public school attendance.

Now, the Minneapolis Federation of Teachers has resolved to openly embrace anti-white racism.

Raced-based Policies For Educators
Higher-ups within the Minneapolis Federation of Teachers determined that if layoffs become necessary, then white teachers will be first to go before teachers of color. This is the policy, regardless of which teachers have the most seniority.

Naturally, this generated a lot of public backlash. Americans of all races slammed this policy as racist, discriminatory, and actually regressive to the forward-thinking society progressives often claim to advocate for.

However, the negative response from the public isn’t swaying the Minneapolis Federation of Teachers into changing its policy. In fact, the teachers union released a statement, claiming to be “proud” of the measure that it says defends the rights of “underrepresented” educators.

Amazingly, the Minneapolis Federation of Teachers went on to express its current policy could and should go even further than it currently does. On top of this, the teachers unions mocked “MAGA media” for expressing outrage over the discriminatory nature of this policy.

Finally, the Minneapolis Federation of Teachers downplayed the racist elements by saying since they’re actually experiencing a shortage of educators, they’re nowhere close to laying anyone off.

Legal Ramifications to Come?
Critics warn what the Minneapolis Federation of Teachers is doing is not only racist and discriminatory, but it could also be illegal.

Under the Civil Rights Act’s Title VIII, it specifically states job applicants and employees are shielded from discrimination on the basis of color, race, and other factors.

On social media, opponents of the teachers union’s new policy have stated it could easily be defeated in the courts. Whether or not a lawsuit follows this new policy remains to be seen.