The New York Times Is Apparently Getting Sick Of Biden

From the inception of Joe Biden’s presidency, he’s taken flak from conservatives and the political right for a series of cruel policies and feckless choices. However, this feedback was primarily shrugged off by both the 46th president and his handlers.

Throughout 2021, polls began to show that Republicans weren’t the only ones who weren’t so pleased with Biden. He gradually began to lose support from Independents who joined the GOP and had severe issues with Biden’s leadership.

With Republicans and Independents united in opposition against Biden, his approval numbers truly began to reach historic lows. At the end of last year, the president had a net negative approval rating in 45 states and even more bad news.

Not only were Republicans and Independents growing sick of Biden, but progressive Democrats also joined, albeit for very different reasons.

Progressives began panning Biden over what they perceived as his lackluster actions on student loans and climate change. Now, the heavily left-leaning New York Times has joined the Biden hate train, as National Review confirms.

The New York Times agrees with progressives who argue that Biden fails to make good on the promises he made to his base. The left-wing publication pans the president for under-delivering and overpromising climate change in a new piece.

The piece then notes that challenges await the president this year, especially with the upcoming midterms. Another matter mentioned by the New York Times is Biden’s failure to get his Build Back Better Act passed.

Biden’s latest spending package currently contains billions of dollars in climate-related spending. However, it’s officially a defeated bill, as 51 senators (50 Republicans and one Democrat) oppose it.

All in all, the New York Times has made its belief clear that if Biden fails to fulfill the promises he made to his base on climate change, then what remains of his “legacy” will be in grave peril.

Less than 12 months into Biden’s term, the nation is rapidly turning against him. While Democrats have very different reasons than Independents and Republicans for being annoyed with Biden, the result for the president is still the same.

Throughout 2022 alone, progressives have been openly flirting with the notion of primarying Biden during the 2024 presidential election. Furthermore, polls towards the end of last year showed that many Democrats don’t believe Biden should run for another term.