The Only Thing Biden Has Left Is Trump

This week, Joe Biden went to Virginia to save fellow Washington lifer Terry McAuliffe’s gubernatorial campaign. He used the speech to compare GOP gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin to riots on Jan. 6, lie about Republicans supporting “book bans,” and try to get former President Donald Trump to visit Virginia.

Joe Biden boasts about shutting down the coronavirus, well what else he could boast about. Despite immunizations, more Americans have died from the illness under his administration than during his predecessors. No one can blame people for applying the same standard of accountability to Trump, given that Biden has no qualms about accusing Trump personally of the murder of hundreds of thousands of individuals.

Joe Biden’s term as president concludes, but what will he say about leading the country through the worst economic recovery since he took office? Instead of focusing on ways to expand possibilities for American workers, President Biden has advocated for putting millions of people on welfare.

The questions that arise are will Donald Trump bring up the issue of the border? Will he boast about his foreign policy? When was the last time an American president left hundreds of civilians in the hands of an oppressive regime? They mistakenly killed seven children in retribution after terrorists slew 13 military men in Kabul due to his administration’s negligence.

It’s hardly shocking to hear commentators conflate the rioters of Jan. 6 with Republicans who have never expressed support for the Capitol attack. But it’s more obnoxious coming from a president whose campaign was built on the promise of reconciling a fractured nation. Although Democrats seemed to be outraged by Trump’s lack of decorum, they are just as guilty of corroding public dialogue. According to the reports, President Joe Biden frequently pledged to “bring civility” to the White House.

In 2012, Joe Biden warned a black crowd that Mitt Romney would “throw you all back in shackles” because he opposed minor economic reforms and deregulation. But this type of speech is nothing new for Biden, who has already been accused of racism.

Parents’ lack of influence over school curricula has been Youngkin’s principal problem. The more Americans learn about Biden, the less they like him and the more they feel obligated to discuss Donald Trump. Biden’s visit may be well received in northern Virginia, but it may or may not be effective in luring Trump to the state.