The Only Way Out Is Via Joe Biden’s Crisis And Democratic Cultural Rot

America was once a shining city on the hill. Everyone once identified the U.S. with freedom and justice, even while claiming it was a monstrous empire of materialism. People fled to America from across the globe for hundreds of years. They still do, but the country has changed. 

Joe Biden’s maladministration is daily efforts to enact the country’s transformation that his ideological guide promised. Barack Obama was the community organizer, the Frank Marshall Davis, Bill Ayers, Jeremiah Wright acolyte. Biden is a cheap knockoff version of the communist-motivated radical left-wing spokesperson. He is a sad grandpa who used to distract the American people from the looting that is taking place in Washington D.C. as we speak. 

What motivates this disenchanted faction to change the Constitutional framework that led to the freest, wealthiest, and most just country the world has ever known?  

Statists want an overarching national government to restrict individual opportunity. They need massive taxes and expenses to bind the people to these commitments. 

It will corrupt our culture and society with greed, savagery, and riotous, monstrous violence, which will be the hotbed for a socialist revolution. 

Driving this desire for control is a group of elite maladministration who think of themselves as aristocratic managers. This mentality verges on evident madness and self-destruction because they can barely manage their own family. However, they want to ensure that you cannot care for your own family despite spite or hostility. 

Explanations of our national wealth and prosperity go beyond natural resources and land. American exceptionalism is based on the extraordinary quality and dedication of individuals who adhere to a culture of faith, freedom, and hard work. We have lost that worldview, and the egalitarian perspective Baby Boomers taught their children has led to a generation above the real work of service. 

Our Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and Bill of Rights are dead letters if we do not have courageous men and women to defend them. These documents led to our government not defending itself. The insight of freemen is being lost in this generation. 

Can people govern themselves? Individuals throughout history rarely had the opportunity to live in any version of freedom. Restrictive kingdoms rose to take every person’s abundance, success, and life under the heel of ambitious rulers. 

Democrats think they can roll out huge improvements to a system they do not understand, let alone control. 

The lives of people in this nation will be negatively affected by these changes. We are already seeing the outcome of Democrat policies. Billions of individuals across the world will be affected by the corruption of a crumbling superpower. Human anguish, famine, calamity, crisis, death, and destruction attend Communist revolutions. We may see apocalyptic chaos on an incredible scale. And once this country is crushed, we have no way to undo it. 

We would be wise about the next moves to ensure our children have a nation to live in. Rather than hoping Democrats stop their plan on their own, we must actively promote goodness and righteousness, prosecute evil and thus return this culture to the foundations of this country.