The President of Mexico is Taking Joe Biden For a Ride

When President Trump was in office, he made sure that leaders around the globe took the United States seriously. Trump did this by projecting an image of strength and unapologetically putting America first.

Sadly, the nation has the polar opposite leadership under Joe Biden. Biden has repeatedly bowed down to dictators in other nations. He’s gone to enemy countries like Iran for oil, notwithstanding America’s ability to create our own oil here at home.

Unfortunately, the weakness of Biden is being quickly picked up on by other leaders in no shortage of time. This is why Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador felt comfortable enough trying to blackmail Biden.

Lopez Obrador vs. Biden
The Summit of the Americas took place in Los Angeles from Monday, June 6 to Friday, June 10. The purpose of this gathering is to make decisions on regional matters, economic issues, and more.

Generally, this gathering is meant for democratic nations; however, this didn’t sit too well with Mexico’s president. This explains why Lopez Obrador pressed Biden to let autocratic nations like Nicaragua, Cuba, and Venezuela into the summit.

The Mexican president even told Biden that if these countries weren’t let in, he wouldn’t be attending the summit. When Biden didn’t relent, Lopez Obrador followed through on his word, even getting other countries to join him in sitting out the event.

Here in the states, some lawmakers have concerns about the type of precedent this sets. Sen. Bob Menendez (D-NJ), for instance, warned that Biden was essentially being blackmailed by his Mexican counterpart.

The New Jersey Democrat gave an interview with MSNBC, warning that Mexico’s president wanted to strong-arm Biden into bending to his will.

This may not be the only thing Lopez Obrador wants from Biden, either.

Open Borders Between North and South America?
The country of Mexico has serious problems with gangs, drugs, and cartels. Yet, in spite of this, Lopez Obrador does not think any borders should exist between North America and South America.

Not only did the Mexican president make his views on this clear, but he also stated he intends to share his views with Biden when they meet in July. There’s no telling what methods Lopez Obrador may be willing to pull in order to get Biden to bend to his will.

Then again, Biden isn’t exactly the type to put American interests first.