The Problem With Beto O’Rourke’s Goal To Become Texas Governor

Earlier in the week, Texas Democrat Beto O’Rourke declared his candidacy for the Texas governorship. O’Rourke’s entry into this race comes after running for a Texas Senate seat and losing. It also follows his unsuccessful attempt to win his party’s nomination for the 2020 presidential election.

Right now, Greg Abbott is presently the Republican governor of Texas. Upon learning that O’Rourke is vying to take his job, the Texas governor first rattled off a list of atrocious policies O’Rourke would bring to the Lone Star State if he ever managed to slither his way into the governor’s mansion.

These policies include destroying the energy sector, implementing socialist policies, forcing through gun grabs, increasing taxes, defunding the police, and more. After noting the plethora of issues with the policies of O’Rourke, the Texas governor challenged the Democrat to “bring it.”

Less than one week into the Texas Democrat’s candidacy to become the first leftist governor in the Lone Star State since 1990, it’s already not looking good for him, as the National Review documents.

For starters, Americans are gradually tired of the leading Democrats have to offer. It is evidenced by recent Republican wins in Democratic strongholds like Virginia and South Carolina.

Furthermore, a Texas lawmaker from a leftist stronghold in Rio Grande Valley recently left the Democrats to become a Republican. Yet again, tied into the rising rejection of Democrats from Americans.

Still, even if someone were to put aside the changes in Texas (or the rest of the country), O’Rourke himself is a major problem. During the 2020 presidential election. O’Rourke ran on a vow to implement forced gun buyback programs via the government and disarm individuals from owning firearms, especially AR-15s and AK-47s.

As this gun-hating Democrat attempts to become the next Texas governor, he still doesn’t have the sense to distance himself from such a flagrantly anti-Second Amendment stance. It will not win over the countless Texans who cherish gun rights and the freedom to protect themselves.

A few days back, Governor Abbott released a clip that described O’Rourke as not suitable for the state of Texas. On this front, Abbott is correct.

As Texas Governor, O’Rourke would do everything to twist the Lone Star State into New York 2.0. He’d implement radical policies that only bring harm to Texans and all the positive strides the state has made.

Finally, O’Rourke would work day and night to back up the plan and extremism of the Biden administration. It is the last thing Texas or America needs, for that matter. O’Rourke lost in 2018 and 2020. Hopefully, his ego is ready for yet another resounding loss in 2022.