The Public Has Had Enough Of the Biden Administration

President Joe Biden’s numbers continue to fall, and it looks like Democratic voters will have someone else in the running in 2024. A recent poll revealed that 64% of voters would rather have a different candidate running. The poll only contacted voters that were a part of the democratic party, and it seems that Biden’s time is running out.

Both political parties feel that the country is running the wrong way. Biden’s approval rate dropped to 33% last month hitting an all-time low for the man who currently sits in the Whitehouse.

At the age of 79, Biden is the oldest President the country has ever seen. He is planning on running in 2024, and that could cause problems around the party.

The President also received more bad polling reviews from the Times poll that was recently collected. Just 13% of Americans feel like the country is headed in the right direction. That is the lowest number the Times poll has collected in the last decade.

Kelly King, a former factory employee in Indiana said, “We used to spend $200 a week just going out to have fun, or going and buying extra groceries if we needed it, and now we can’t even do that.” King has been sidelined because of a back injury recently, and she went on to say, “We’re barely able to buy what we need.”

Americans all over the country are struggling, and help seems to be far away.

The best illustration of this is John Waldron, a man nearing 70. John is a registered Republican and retired living in Schenectady, New York. He said he voted for Biden in 2020. But now, with all of the problems the country is facing, Waldron plans on flipping his vote to Republican in 2024.

Waldron said, “I thought he was going to do something for this country, but now he’s doing nothing.”