The Radicalization Of Parenting Now Having A Moral Compass Is Against The Law

We are in the Twilight Zone of national discourse when parents are domestic terrorists because they protect their children. We have crossed the tipping point of political nonsense, and the liberals are dumping us headlong into legal insanity. What are we to do if the federal government is going to prosecute parents for parenting?

Attorney General Merrick Garland is in full attack dog mode. He has gone rabid on American citizens, threatening them for being caring and courageous parents. 

Tragically, Garland is AG. It would have been worse if this dunce were on the Supreme Court. Once again, the Biden-Harris has exposed the left as over the top legalized gangsterism bullying American citizens into giving up their rights.  

Joe Biden is simply the conduit for these sick petty dictators to make your life miserable. 

Stand up for moms! Our mothers are saints when they refuse to allow teachers to corrupt their children with dirty videos. When our school libraries have become worse than the pages of Playboy and Hustler, we have a problem in America. 

Stacy Langton stood before the Fairfax County Virginia School Board at a recent meeting to oppose child pornography being allowed in the school library. These books are accessible for 6th-grade children who may be only 12-years-old. Like moms in Beaverton, Oregon, and South Kingstown, Rhode Island, she wanted to put the school board on notice that harming kids through indoctrination and malevolence must stop. 

This wicked school board shut down Langton. She has a right to be heard. Haven’t liberals told us we need to “use our voice” and “speak out?” What liberals didn’t mention is that only they can shout and riot. Conservatives are supposed just to shut up and take it. The two minutes Langton had to speak was ignored. The board called a recess to attempt their escape from accountability while parents repeatedly yelled, “Shame!” 

AG Merrick Garland laid down the gauntlet for American citizens in a letter to Director Christopher Wray, “I am directing the Federal Bureau of Investigation, in collaboration with each United States Attorney, to put an end to threats against school administrators, board members, teachers, and employees.” “As these acts of hatred, violence, and threats against public school officials have risen,” Garland told the National School Boards Association on September 29th, “the classification of these horrible deeds might be equal to a kind of domestic terrorism and hate crimes.”

Is he referring to Islamic terrorists who are targeting schools? What does he know that we do not? Of course not. He is talking about ceasing our right to monitor our schools. 

It is not hard to connect the dots. The Biden administration is planning on using the full force of the US government to strike at our most basic rights to believe, speak, and parent as we choose. Is anyone who voted for Joe Biden shocked? Or are these idiots clapping when parents are carted off in handcuffs? Who will protect you from a government-run amok?