The State Department And Other Government Agencies Run The US Not Joe Biden

Immigration is not a problem for the Democrats. It is their solution. As the border crisis is getting worse, VP Harris and President Biden are absent, and the State Department has issued guidance on their plans for this nation’s fundamental transformation.

We have an anti-President in Joe Biden who intends to bring 12,500 people into the US during the Fiscal Year 2021. He will issue guidance to allow up to 62,500 immigrants by increasing the cap on immigration.

It is simply Joe following the plan that has been laid out by the Democrat Party and establishment players who control the levers of power and the organs of government. It is not as if dementia Joe is actively strategizing about how to reshape America.

President Trump had limited immigration to 15,000 individuals, but he is no longer in office due to the 2020 election.

Who knew that the Democrats would act and create a flood of new entrants into this nation?

Remember when people protested the vast number of immigrants from Mexico being detained and the kids in cages made by the Obama administration?

They wanted Trump to “Close the Camps” and told Senator Chuck Schumer to fix the problem by allowing more illegal aliens into the United States. Democrats essentially pushed for an open border policy with no restrictions on migrants.

What if the immigration cap is being used as an objective rather than a limit? It would demonstrate that the State Department is trying to reach some tipping point of increased immigration. It will assign most refugee spots for 40,000 Africans and 15,000 people from East and South Asia. Around 10,000 spots will go to Europeans and people from Central Asia as if these areas have anything in common. In addition, 15,000 spots will be apportioned to Latin Americans and those in the Caribbean.

For the United States in Fiscal Year 2022, the State Department recently stated that their target is to invite 125,000 immigrants into the US. And the State Department wants to work through partner organizations that can help resettle foreign citizens across the country.
State Department notices were sent to Congress to keep them in the loop and invite questions about the fundamental reshaping of the demographic landscape of the United States. How can we be assured that these individuals are not criminals, seek to assimilate into US culture, and pursue citizenship through the green card and visa process?

If there is any doubt left about the authoritarian nature of the Biden regime after his bizarre, televised vaccine mandate, the following executive order should clear things up. Trump gave Americans control over local immigration programs. It is how our nation was designed to run; cities and counties have the right to accept or reject the resettlement of refugees in our communities.

Joe Biden is acting as a sock puppet for the leftwing radicals. He canceled the EO, which permitted states and regions to choose whether to allow resettlement. He issued his proclamation to use taxpayer money and even military resources to change the demographics in cities and towns across the fruited plain. Over 1,000,000 refugees have moved to the United States since 2000. This program costs American citizens almost $9 billion, or about $133,000 per person. It will only get worse under President Biden.