The Torch Will Be Passed In 2022 Whether ‘You Like It Or Not’

Last night, the Super Bowl signified the end of one era and the start of a new one. People may concentrate on the game’s two quarterbacks or the slew of commercials aimed at late-Generation Xers and Millennials. Remember how much people adored “The Lord Of The Rings” when it first came out 20 years ago? It’s back, with a slew of new Hobbits!

The most amicable acknowledgment of this was Awkwafina’s Disney+ ad. She’s referring to characters from a program that first aired in 1989 when she says Bart is harassing Woody. It is the nostalgia of what has become America’s largest generation. It’s scarcely frustrating since it’s so clear at this point.

Millennials are now the largest generation in raw numbers, spending power, and cultural drive. They are in command in the world of sports. The Vikings, Chargers, Eagles, Falcons, Browns, Packers, Cardinals, Broncos, and 49ers all had Millennial head coaches. Sean McVay has a “coaching tree” at 36, which may seem absurd, but he does.

Moreover, the current generation of young players in the NFL is the same age as their seasoned peers, if not younger. It is one of the reasons why the NFL is the most dominating sports, entertainment, and cultural force in America and why it is the 2021 season closed with such an incredible run of riveting, competitive games. Jonathan Martin of the New York Times examines how our elderly leadership class is incapable of learning new skills.

Republicans opposed to Trump, led by Senator Mitch McConnell, hope he does more than listen. According to some who have spoken with McConnell, he is forthright about Trump’s harm to the GOP. Several strong prospects have turned down McConnell’s offers, refusing to risk Trump’s anger in exchange for the chance to travel to Washington. McConnell dispatched Collins and Romney to Maryland and Utah to influence Governor Hogan. He is concerned that Trump may nominate people too inexperienced to succeed in the general election. After persuading Perdue to return to the Senate, he acceded to Herschel Walker in Georgia.

Therefore the old Republican Party has gone through periods of rigor mortis. It can’t be brought back to life. Using Bush-era numbers to persuade post-Bush contenders to run for the presidency will not succeed. The sooner it has new blood in its leadership, the sooner it will influence it. And the political danger of not doing so is significantly greater than McConnell appears to believe.