The Truth About Biden’s “Newfound Focus” On Treating Cancer

Joe Biden has managed to make an absolute joke of his presidency within a reasonably modest timeframe. Biden blundered the economy, the southern border, the supply chain, and many other areas that continue to impact the nation severely.

With one year of the Biden presidency done and over with, much of the nation is gritting their teeth and wondering what comes next. Furthermore, many Americans remain hopeful that the midterms will favor Republicans, thereby ending the virtual blank check that Biden’s enjoyed in Congress thus far.

At this point, not even Biden can deny his presidential tenure is going terribly. New polls show solid disapproval ratings for Biden’s performance on the economy, gun violence, immigration, public safety, and more.

Rather than trying to fix these issues and get back into the public’s good graces, Biden wants to distract Americans from his failures. As PJ Media points out, this explains his newfound focus on treating cancer.

Within the past week, the 46th President has come out intending to make significant strides in driving down cancer rates. Biden wants to do this with a plan known as the “Cancer Moonshot.”

Of course, nothing comes without a catch for this President. As Biden pitches the notion of driving down cancer rates to low levels within the next 25 years, he’s also calling for federalizing US healthcare.

Some of the federal agencies that Biden plans to bring on board his mission to treat cancer include the Department of Defense, the Food and Drug Administration, the Gender Policy Council, the Office of the First Lady, etc.

According to the President, getting these various agencies involved in his “Cancer Moonshot” initiative will be vital in his goals of driving down cancer. For what it’s worth, when Biden was running for President in 2020, he did claim he would “cure cancer.”

As Biden uses his supposed cancer treatment initiatives as an excuse to federalize US healthcare, Americans are dealing with a series of pressing concerns.

One of these pressing concerns is inflation. Inflation is something that both Biden and his Administration refuse to address or take measures to fix. If the White House had its way, they’d have passed the Build Back Better spending bill, a package that would make inflation even worse.

In light of all that is happening in the country under this President, he must be held accountable. The first step to holding Biden accountable is voting his party out of the majority in the Senate and the House of Representatives.