The United Kingdom is Paying Those Injured By COVID-19 Vaccines

Individuals’ concerns about negative reactions to COVID-19 vaccines have been consistently downplayed since their inception.

Many Americans sounded the alarm about the rapid pace at which COVID-19 vaccines became available. Others questioned the need to take a vaccine for a virus that’s over 99% survivable in the majority of cases.

However, these concerns were often shut down and deemed as misinformation. When COVID-19 vaccine mandates were put into effect, leaders showed zero regard for what would happen if people took these vaccines and later suffered adverse reactions.

Now, it turns out the United Kingdom has begun financial payouts to its citizens who’ve endured negative consequences after receiving these shots.

What to Know About the United Kingdom’s Vaccine Injury Payout Program
The Vaccine Damage Payment Scheme (VDPS) is going to persons injured or killed (and/or their relatives) as a result of taking COVID-19 shots. The payments going out are considerable, being recorded to the tune of $141,000 and $150,000 maximums.

Eligibility for VDPS requires folks in the United Kingdom to prove they’ve suffered at least 60% disability after receiving these vaccines. This extends to both physical and mental impairments and will require medical documentation provided to the government.

Family members of persons who are deceased following COVID-19 vaccination can also submit applications to the United Kingdom to receive VDPS payouts.

After the medical documentation for applications is submitted to the United Kingdom’s government, an “independent medical assessor” will make a decision within three months.

Growing Criticisms Against COVID-19 Vaccines
Not too long ago, Dr. Deborah Birx admitted that health officials “overplayed the vaccines” and their efficacy rates. Yet, when Americans said this in 2021, they were slammed as public health dangers.

Here in America, even the CDC has come around to admit that COVID-19 vaccines do not provide protection against virus infection or spread.

Unfortunately, even with the payouts in the United Kingdom, the lives of people who suffered from COVID-19 vaccine mandates are never going to be the same again.

The mainstream media, naturally, has not made any mention of the Vaccine Damage Payment Scheme or its implications for COVID-19 vaccines as a whole.

Although next month, the Biden administration is rolling out a COVID-19 booster shot campaign aimed at children in middle and high school.