The US Justice Department Versus The United States Of America

With Joe Biden in office, up is down, and down is up. The chaotic consequences of an individual unfit for the presidency becoming president anyway are just beginning, and it’s not a pretty picture.

One clear example of this is the United States Justice Department. Now, the role of the Justice Department is to shield America’s interests and uphold the law. Yet, Biden has been weaponizing the Justice Department as a tool to attack anything or anyone he disagrees with.

Look no further than the Justice Department being unleashed on parents who let school boards know their disagreements with the lessons being taught to their kids. In real-time, parents are being branded as “domestic terrorists” because they don’t want the rot of Marxist critical race theory poisoning their children.

It is what the US Justice Department stands for in 2021. Yet, with Biden in power, the Justice Department has now directed its wrath towards none other than the United States airlines, as Red State documents.

In July 2020, JetBlue and American Airlines formed a partnership to sell flights from both airlines going in and out of America’s northeastern region. This partnership is designed to help JetBlue and American Airlines compete with others in their industry, such as United and Delta Airlines.

Now, the Trump administration gave this partnership a stamp of approval before leaving office. However, the Justice Department under Biden decided this free market partnership could not stand for some unfathomable reason.

Therefore, the Justice Department sued JetBlue and American Airlines to have their partnership dissolved. Meanwhile, both airlines call for the lawsuit’s dismissal, stating the Justice Department has failed to demonstrate any link between the airlines’ partnership and higher costs or damage to competition.

Amid this commentary from the airlines, the Justice Department remains publicly silent about the matter.

With the Justice Department under Biden’s thumb, this is very clearly his own doing. This frivolous lawsuit lacks all merit. It’s simply another way in which the Biden administration is attempting to insert itself into free-market affairs.

Quite frankly, the Justice Department should never be used as a weapon to carry out political agendas. Yet, this is what Biden is doing every chance he gets. Rather than dragging JetBlue and American Airlines through court, the Justice Department should perhaps direct its attention to the looting spreading across San Francisco like wildfire.

With the Justice Department going after parents and now airlines, there’s no telling what it’ll do next with Biden pulling the strings.