The Vital Lesson Democrats Have Yet To Learn About Virginia

Weeks after, Republicans successfully took back Virginia from the clutches of leftist control. It is more than apparent that Democrats still have yet to learn their lesson. Already, they’re passing around prom photos of Virginia Governor-elect Glenn Youngkin and yet again promoting this tired narrative that accuses the Republicans of being a racist.

Since Youngkin’s victory, most Democrats haven’t attributed to it the horrible impacts Biden’s administration has had on the economy or other parts of American life. Instead, Democrats like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez claim Democrats lost Virginia because they ran too moderate a commonwealth campaign.

Yet, as Life Site News points out, the Democrat Party is sorely missing the bigger picture of politics in Virginia.

Not too long ago, a political communications consultant based in Virginia provided some unique insight into why Republicans handedly took back power in the commonwealth after Democrats had it for more than a decade.

The reasons ultimately boiled down to Democrat Terry McAuliffe’s dismissiveness of parents’ rights regarding their children’s education, the school shutdowns, and McAuliffe’s radical positions on the issue of abortion.

Despite what Democrats want the country to believe, critical race theory is being taught in many schools. Ironically, the school shutdowns allowed parents to get a firsthand look at the various ways school officials were indoctrinating their kids with Marxist teachings.

They didn’t like it. Then, when McAuliffe proclaimed that parents shouldn’t be ordering schools to teach their children, he lost parents and suburban voters. In contrast, the governor-elect’s campaign centered on the importance of education and parents’ involvement in what their kids are learning.

It resonated with many Virginians, parents especially, and they voted accordingly.

Judging on Democrats’ responses to losing Virginia, it is evident they intend to double down on their failed policies. It hasn’t yet occurred to them that Americans dislike or disagree with these radically left agendas.

It goes back to Democrats throwing out lies and hoping they stick at some point. It didn’t happen in Virginia, though. The political consultant from the commonwealth warned if Democrats continued to dig in their heels and reject making any changes, more election losses would come their way.

Virginia repeats are already happening. In November alone, Republicans recently won a mayoral seat, despite the Democrat candidate being directly endorsed by former President Obama.

Americans are waking up, and they realize the wrong bill of goods Democrats have to offer results in nothing more than ruin and destruction.