The Wall Street Journal ‘Must Be Joking’ About Democrats Running Hillary In 2024

According to recent polls, most Americans now despise President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris. Of course, that was the case before they were installed in the White House. Biden is President because the media manipulated 52% of American voters to support them. Quinnipiac University reported that President Joe Biden’s approval rating is 33%, and only 24% of citizens 18 to 34, a key demographic, endorse the President. How did he get elected as President in the first place?

Doug Schoen and Andrew Stein, in a ridiculous opinion article posted in the Wall Street Journal, once a bastion of reason and rationality, believe that because the Democrats could push a geriatric, bumbling, feeble, and corrupt Joe Biden on its voters that doing the same with Hillary Clinton should be easy.

Democratic strategists are thinking about changing the nominee for 2024 after one year of this anti-President Biden and his maladministration of folly. Kamala Harris represents the Democratic Party’s future because she will not relinquish her rightful place at the top of the ticket. According to White House documents, it is the Biden-Harris Administration, and she is waiting in the wings.

Therefore, the Clinton branch of the Democratic Party is trying to make an insane situation conceivable. Schoen and Stein are pushing a political rebound for Hillary Clinton in 2024.

President Biden’s low approval rating has raised questions about his ability to run for re-election. At 82, he’s not buying green bananas anymore. Vice President Kamala Harris is rated poorly in most surveys but new. She is not a political wonderkid because people love her cackle. There are no other Democrats to lead the ticket in 2024 as the party is already running on fumes. Lawyers and lobbyists are running this administration. The vacuum in the Democrat Party cannot be filled by Clinton, who is equally tedious.

The Wall Street Journal is fishing for political clickbait with Hillary Clinton’s 2024 Election Comeback piece. To the extent that Schoen and Stein can keep her in the news and shift the conversation away from the failure of the Biden-Harris maladministration, well done. But this joke must end soon.

Democrats will lose in the 2022 midterms. Hillary may try to resurrect her political career at 77 years old, the age she would be in November 2024. But there will be a new face of the Democrat party to compete with Harris between now and then.

In 2018, Mark Penn and Andrew Stein recycled this trope with an article titled “Hillary Will Run Again,” claiming that as a liberal troublemaker, Clinton could run in 2020. Of course, she did not, and the rest is ancient history. Doug Schoen and Patrick Caddell contended in 2012 that Barack Obama abandoned the office he fought so hard to win and let Clinton take over. He did not, and she waited until 2016, where Donald Trump beat her.

Hillary Clinton and her Democratic Party henchmen oversee a political machine that feeds on the souls of middle-class Americans. As long as they can convince enough that Republicans are racist bigots, they can get into office and implement their statist policies. They subvert our constitution, elections, and way of life and leave us with extreme leftist control.