The War On Parents Is Far From Over

COVID mandates and critical race theory have created a storm between left-wing school boards and parents across the United States.

As it turns out, many parents aren’t happy about schools demanding that their kids cover their noses and mouths for hours on end. There are all sorts of issues with this, including but not limited to social development, health concerns and more.

Likewise, parents haven’t taken too kindly to the Marxist agenda of promoting critical race theory in various schools across the United States. It turns out that teaching children that they’re either inherent oppressors or innate victims based on their skin color isn’t so popular outside of far-left circles.

In response to pushback against COVID mandates and Critical Race Theory, Democrats, teachers’ unions, and school districts have asserted that parents don’t have a right to weigh in on what their children are taught or the environments in which they’re learning.

News from PJ Media now reveals that a school district in Wisconsin shares this same message about parents regarding their children’s “gender identity.”

In Eau Claire, Wisconsin, the school district let teachers know during a training session that when it comes to the gender identity of children, teachers should “talk amongst themselves.”

The Eau Claire School District then expressly claimed parents must “earn” the knowledge of their own children’s “gender identity” and are not “entitled” to it, solely based on being parents.

Various contenders for the school board have put out a statement, noting their appalment with this sort of rhetoric from Eau Claire educators.

Eau Claire school board contenders likewise slammed the school district for asking teachers to keep parents in the dark about what’s happening with their children.

This new anti-parent shift from the left is troubling and the Democrat Party as a collective has yet to get out in front of it genuinely.

During the Virginia governor’s race in 2021, Terry McAuliffe (the Democrat who current GOP Governor Glenn Youngkin would defeat) openly declared that parents should not be telling schools what to teach their kids.

Now, another school district is saying teachers should conceal information about kids from their parents. Where does it end? Since facing backlash, the Eau Claire School District has attempted to explain this away. However, the writing is very clear on the wall.

The modern-day political left has no respect for parents. For this reason, alone, they have no business teaching and shaping young minds.