The White House Is Taking Tone-deaf To A New Level

When it comes to issues facing America, there is no shortage of things for the Biden administration to focus on. The nation hemorrhaging energy independence, soaring inflation, and growing crime rates are just a few examples.

Sadly, the White House has chosen not to prioritize what really matters. Instead, the president and his allies are lying about what America is truly up against. When that’s not happening, the current administration is trying to phase out gas-powered cars.

Unfortunately, the trajectory of this administration is only getting worse as time passes. This is seen by the White House’s newfound focus on dimming the sun.

Another Low For the Biden Administration
As everyday people struggle to make it through each month, the White House Office of Science and Technology wants to cool down the sun in order to lower earth’s temperature.

Therefore, the Office of Science and Technology will spend five years digging into how sun dimming could impact the health of human beings, along with the environment. Of course, the White House confirms this goes hand-in-hand with its efforts to combat climate change.

Some officials already warned this is dangerous. However, this isn’t standing in the White House’s way at all. Even climate change activist Greta Thunberg has come out against the brand of solar engineering the Biden administration wants to take on.

With the White House going down this road, one can only wonder what it’ll try to pull next. However, its track record of obscene measures in the name of ending climate change leaves much cause for concern.

Ill-advised on All Fronts
Years ago, when Bill Gates first mentioned cooling down the sun, many people laughed it off and said folks who took it seriously were conspiracy theorists. Now, the White House is seriously entertaining this, with no telling what all it could unleash.

Some of the greatest critics of sun-dimming are sounding the alarm against messing with nature in this manner. Christians have taken to social media to warn that the consequences of man messing with what God created would irreversibly open Pandora’s box.

This new focus on sun dimming is something that every mainstream media outlet should be calling out and challenging the Biden administration on. Sadly, Americans shouldn’t hold their breath waiting for this to happen.