The White House Plans To Make Putin Their Fall Guy

Russia President Vladimir Putin is making international headlines over his brutal invasion of Ukraine. The war criminal is becoming irate as he enters the third week with Ukraine still standing.

The Russian president never thought the war would carry on this long. Putin believed that sending troops to take Ukraine would get the job done in days. However, Ukraine was severely underestimated.

Meanwhile, the rest of the world is also reacting to the crisis. Many nations have sanctioned Russia as massive companies cut ties with the Putin-led country.

However, in the case of the White House, they’re going to make Putin the scapegoat for problems here in America for as long as possible, according to The Federalist.

When Joe Biden was asked about higher gas prices, he stated that Putin was to blame. White House press secretary Jen Psaki also echoed similar remarks, saying the Russian president’s invasion of Ukraine is making US citizens pay more money at gas stations.

However, Biden and Psaki neglected to mention that gas prices would be much lower if this White House did not gut energy independence and domestic energy production.

During a press briefing, Fox News reporter Peter Doocey directly confronted Psaki, asking if the Biden administration plans on faulting Putin for everything wrong in America between now and the November midterms.

Psaki’s response to this entailed further blame upon the Russian president. It shows that no one in power can take responsibility for all the problems stemming from Biden’s leadership.

All this White House has done is a jump from one boogeyman to the next. First, the boogeyman for Democrats was Trump. Later, it became Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and now, it’s shifted to Putin.

Putin’s war crimes in Europe do not absolve Biden of his failures as president here in America.

As Biden and his White House are going to keep ducking responsibility for the messes they’ve made, every American should remember this when the midterms roll around.

Midterm elections later this year will be the one chance this country has of getting Congress out from under Biden’s thumb. With Democrats no longer dominating the House and Senate, Biden’s ability to further gut this nation will become more complex.

The destructive policies of the Biden administration lie with the Biden administration, not the war criminal overseeing the Russian government.