The White House Won’t Be Able To Spin These Awful Poll Numbers

Joe Biden has arguably some of the worst presidential approval ratings in history. Even other Democrat presidents, such as Barack Obama, were not polling as terribly as Biden during this time in their presidencies.

The 46th president’s poll numbers continue to show he’s out of touch with where the priorities and concerns of the American people lie. Instead, Biden is so fixated on trying to please the radical progressives within the Democrat Party that he forgets about the rest of the country.

It is what will ultimately be the downfall of his administration. According to PJ Media, Biden’s approval ratings are down in 48 out of 50 states.

Nationally, the 46th president is pulling in just a 37% approval rating; meanwhile, his disapproval rating stands at 54%. However, even breaking down Biden’s approval ratings across different states, Vermont and Hawaii are the only places he carries higher than 50% approval.

It speaks volumes. Even in blue states like New Jersey and California, Biden’s current poll numbers only shake out to 45% and 46% approval. These are Democrat strongholds where one might imagine Biden is doing pretty well. Yet, this is not the case.

In Pennsylvania, a swing state, Biden’s approval only shakes out to 38%. It mirrors Florida, a solidly red state, where the president only has a 38% approval rating, with 55% disapproval. Then, in Georgia, a state Biden supposedly won in 2020, his approval stands at a pitiful 31% while 59% disapprove.

The above poll numbers provide an apparent look into Biden’s presidency and why it’s been such a monumental failure less than one year in.

Despite what the president is working to make Americans believe, his leadership is not better. At this time, the United States’ economy is on track to be in a worse position than before COVID hit.

Likewise, the president has failed to govern in a way that’s in keeping with how he ran his campaign. For instance, Biden campaigned as being a moderate Democrat who would restore unity to the United States. Yet, he’s governed as a radical far-leftist. Biden also furthered divides, pushing unwanted mandates and using big government to strong-arm people.

Biden’s disastrous energy policies and spending bills are why the president cannot reach above a 50% approval rating in 48 states. There’s no way the White House can spin this or make Americans believe the facts aren’t clear for all to see.