The White House’s “Vendetta” Against Florida Continues Getting More “Unhinged”

The Biden Administration has repeatedly proven its hatred for Florida. After all, the Sunshine State is headed by Republican Governor Ron DeSantis, who constantly stands up to the crooks on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

DeSantis has been clear that he won’t twiddle his thumbs while the White House tries to implement communist mandates and exert tyrannical levels of control over individuals’ lives.

The Biden Administration likely also resents that DeSantis is widely favored as a potential 2024 presidential candidate.

Recently, the White House poked the bear with Florida by having the FDA roll back the emergency authorization for monoclonal antibodies.

The White House said this is because the therapies are useless against Omicron and carry adverse side effects. However, there are no clinical studies or even a single page of peer-reviewed analysis to back this up.

At this point, the White House seems to have conceded that Florida is not a state they’ll be able to win over, as RedState reports.

When Governor DeSantis slammed the White House for canning monoclonal antibody treatments that have helped so many Floridians, the White House gave a ridiculous response.

According to the Biden Administration, DeSantis and others in Florida who favor monoclonal antibodies promote “pseudoscience” and somehow undermine things like COVID vaccines and booster shots.

It is a demonstrably untrue and unhinged statement. For one thing, it completely ignores the reality that most Floridians who received monoclonal antibodies to fight off COVID were also already vaccinated.

The Biden Administration followed up its “pseudoscience” attack by claiming that vaccines and boosters are the things that “work.” However, the White House can’t account for why these vaccines didn’t stop people in Florida from needing monoclonal antibodies.

Perhaps it’s the same reason why coronavirus vaccines cannot stop recipients from being infected with the virus.

The White House’s hostile disposition to Florida significantly predates this latest controversy over monoclonal antibodies.

Press secretary Jen Psaki has casually made snide remarks about the Sunshine State during her media briefings. Altogether, this Administration has made it clear they don’t like Florida’s Governor or the state’s residents.

Nevertheless, ripping away lifesaving treatments without the proper, supportive science is beyond reprehensible. However, it perfectly represents what Biden and Democrats think about Americans who disagree with them and their backward agendas.

This White House and this president ought to be ashamed of themselves.