The Wisconsin Elections Commission Facing Legal Issues

As the November midterms get closer, more and more attention is being directed toward elections, voter registration, and various laws associated with political races.

Many people want to ensure everything is being done by the books without breaking laws or cutting corners. Already, Joe Biden’s come under fire for directing federal agencies to involve themselves in state-level voting initiatives.

Then, Get Out the Vote (GOTV) initiatives have faced criticism for their ties to left-wing politics and direct targeting of Democratic voters, rather than voters of all political leanings.

Now, the Wisconsin Elections Commission is being accused of breaking the law with its currently approved voter registration form.

A Closer Look at Legal Disputes in Wisconsin
The Wisconsin Elections Commission recently approved a voter registration form that seeks information including individuals’ names, birthdays, and home addresses.

However, according to the Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty, this same voter registration form also asks for the race and political parties of those registering to vote.

The voter registration form the Wisconsin Elections Commission uses exists in multiple states. However, the Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty says asking for applicants’ race and political party violates state law.

Furthermore, the institute also charges that this voter registration form neglects to ask for mandatory information required of Wisconsin voters, such as details about potential criminal histories.

Right now, it is the view of the Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty that the state’s elections commission has to amend this form in order to align with state law.

More Elections-related Issues in Wisconsin
In Milwaukee, the city remains under fire for GOTV efforts that are directed toward largely Democratic communities.

Many GOTV supporters argue these initiatives are removed from partisanship and simply designed to get as many people registered to vote as possible. Though the history of GOTV efforts in the 2020 election and other races proves otherwise.

Republicans in the Wisconsin state legislature and on the Wisconsin Elections Commission have therefore demanded Milwaukee to end its GOTV efforts.

Time will tell how the Wisconsin Elections Commission responds to the lawsuit brought against it. If the Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty wins in court, the elections commission will have to redo its voter registration form.