There’s More to Joe’s Connection to Hunter Than Meets The Eye

The truth is coming to light and while Hunter Biden is at the center of the scandal, President Joe Biden may soon find himself at the center of it as well. Until now, anyone who reported on the Hunter Biden situation has been smeared and accused of disinformation.

John Solomon, award-winning journalist, Spoke to Glenn Beck on his radio program and said, “The truth of the matter is an avalanche of facts were held behind the dam of censorship. But you know what? The dam is breaking and the facts are flowing and overrunning the dam now. And soon, the American people are going to know the truth in spite of the news media, and that’s a good thing for all of us.”

Censorship is the biggest issue in this entire coverup. There were a few outlets that were reporting on the story, but the sharing and commenting functions were taken off for the stories and most people couldn’t find the information.

Glenn responded to Solomon, “Somebody has to pay a price. Because those people are still in this administration, many of them, and possibly doing this or worse, because nobody has paid a price.”

The unfortunate part is that everyone involved won’t fall to the bottom. Hunter Biden is looking like the most viable person because there’s so much evidence against him and the grand jury indictments have already begun.

Solomon responded, “You couldn’t have said it better. All of those stories and the counterattacks against me and Peter Schweizier… all of that incoming fire was to keep us from the truth of what wanted to get, which was that Hunter Biden was running an influence peddling scheme, enriching his family, and cashing in on his father’s name.”

Hunter has been playing both sides for a long time, well before Joe became President of the United States. But, when Joe was vice president,it seems like Hunter may have sped things up and got involved with Ukraine and Russia at the same time.

Solomon even said, “Joe Biden can’t escape that storyline if and when the indictment comes down.”

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