‘These People Despise America’: Jennifer Granholm Says The US Doesn’t Have ‘Much Moral Authority’ To Call Out Communist China

Jennifer Granholm, Biden’s energy secretary, has gone insane, lately declaring that Americans lack moral legitimacy to criticize communist China. But the question is, if we don’t, then who else does. The likes of Granholm do not have any love or appreciation for their country. They are set out to shield a country like China, responsible for a significant environmental crisis we face today.

Granholm claimed that she does not go by past definitions of infrastructure, and indeed she also does not want to look at the past definitions of Communism either. Given America’s moral authority compared to China, Granholm stated that Americans lack the moral authority to criticize Communist China. It implies that she does not think that increasing China’s emissions in bulks each day is a crisis for the whole world. While America has cut down its emissions in half, we do not hold any moral authority to address climate change and call out China to play its part. 

People like Granholm have no regard for all that their country is doing. Not to forget how Biden canceled the Keystone Pipeline in the name of Climate Change, canceling thousands of jobs, and yet China is doing absolutely nothing to contribute to the cause. She has some nerve saying we do not have much moral authority. Let us not forget the Uyghur genocide occurring there. It is not our nation that needs moral policing right now. It’s Communist China that continues to play by its own rules while people like Jennifer Granholm have the nerve to moral police their nation.