‘They Deny Reality’: Sen. Ron Johnson Explains That ‘We Are Living With Exactly What Democrats Want’

Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin took to Twitter to point out how we live precisely in the type of society Democrats want. They want high prices, open borders, and mass spending, which is what’s happening. In the name of the Infrastructural Bill and additional spending bill for Build Back Better, the Democrats are dragging the economy towards a massive crisis, and nobody is saying anything. First of all, the budget required for Build Back Better will provide free education, free medical, and payments for the unemployed. Though it may sound very appealing, our economy is currently healing from the massive debt of Covid-19 and is not ready for such enormous spending again without raising taxes and inflation. 

According to Ron Johnson, the Democrats want to make the people dependent on the government, making them miserable. The middle class won’t keep up with the increased taxes and will be crushed, and inflation will break those with fixed pays. Moreover, the unemployed receiving money from the government will not accept them for a lifetime and will ultimately b helpless if they don’t find a job soon. 

Coming towards the open borders that aided our shrinking economy and the spread of the Delta variant, it is difficult to understand the good in what Democrats are doing. They live in a fantasy that inflation won’t harm anyone by simply claiming they will only tax the rich. The most affected by inflation are the retirees and the poor. It’s about time the Democrats are made to sit down and evaluate the proposals they have been campaigning on for so long.