This Picture Of Dems Is Worth 1,000 Words About Covid-19 Hysteria

Democrats knocked the country’s economy flat last year over the danger they said coronavirus posed to millions of Americans. First, they told everyone to stay home from work or school for just 15 days “to flatten the curve.” That would help ease pressure on hospitals that Covid agitators reasoned would get slammed because of the pandemic.

Then we saw all of the images and videos of hospitals with vacant parking lots and sleeping emergency room driveways that individuals had taken. We saw all the TikToks nurses shared, showing how laid-back and leisurely their jobs were, not the war zone the drum beating corporate press had made the hospital situation out to be.

And after the 15 days were up, the Covid criers didn’t let up. Of course, there was mission creep, and the goalposts were moved. It wasn’t about helping out hospitals or saving lives or public health.

Like environmental scare tactics, the epidemiological scare tactics were about increasing the government’s size, role, and influence and adding to the fortunes and powers of the people who helped make the government grow this way.

Lockdowns were still in effect across the United States. Because of the disruptions, hundreds of thousands of small enterprises have been forced to close their doors for good. For almost a year, millions of Americans were on the point of being evicted. Billions of dollars in global GDP value were wiped out, and then trillions more were appropriated by Congress. At the same time, Americans were held hostage in their own homes, afraid to even go outside for a stroll in the fresh air and sunshine.

It was mostly Democrats who foisted this outrageous act of national economic self-terrorism on Americans. The most disruptive states were Democratic-led states like California and New York. Those that were most hands-off and reasonable throughout the hysteria were Republican-led states like Florida and South Carolina.

The overwhelmingly Democratically-controlled mainstream media outlets like CNN stoked fear, uncertainty, and doubt. At the same time, America’s economy and centuries of its established civil body politics crashed and burned into authoritarian lockdowns.

They said all of this was necessary because coronavirus poses an existential threat to the lives of millions of Americans. And all along, they said we must wear masks everywhere we go, even double masks, as Dr. Fauci has recommended. So why at the Congressional Remembrance Ceremony on 9/11 is there a photograph of congressional Democrats all huddled up talking without their masks on while ignoring the cameras?

Then when they got together to pose for a picture, they suddenly all put the masks on? Because this is all for show. The masks are for display. The sanctimony about people on ventilators, the finger-wagging and bossing people around like it’s an existential threat to America are all phony. If they were taking this seriously, they would be wearing their masks.

It isn’t the first time Covid alarmist politicians have been caught wearing their masks only for the cameras but not actually to prevent the spread of coronavirus. At the recent New York Met Gala 2021, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez made waves with a dress that said, “Tax the Rich.” While that was a neat photo op for the champagne socialist, neither the Covid scold nor any rich celebrities around here were wearing any masks.