This Winter Is Going To Be Rough For A Lot Of Americans

Joe Biden is not painting an accurate picture for Americans when it comes to troubles facing the economy.

The president and his administration continue to deny the reality that the nation is currently in a recession. Biden is likewise guilty of downplaying inflation, ignoring growing interest rates, and claiming the American people will be alright financially.

To make matters worse, the president was recently called out for holding a celebratory White House event that praised the Inflation Reduction Act as a win for Americans.

However, despite the false narratives coming from the White House, a new report shows that Americans are in for a rough winter.

The Truth About What Lies Ahead
Earlier this week, CBS News reported that electricity bills are going to increase during the upcoming winter months. Thanks to inflation, Americans looking to keep their homes warm this winter will see about a 17% increase.

The report from CBS News is backed up by various energy executives who also confirm that middle and lower-income folks are in for hard times. What’s more is this year alone marks the second time in a row that home heating costs are on the rise.

Last month, Americans were also informed that natural gas costs will continue to hit consumers, as the overall costs of this product have grown.

Naturally, the Biden administration is not addressing any of this. When Biden spoke to 60 Minutes days ago, he claimed the growth of inflation was “barely an inch.”

Data, numbers, and executives in relevant industries continue to document otherwise.

The One Silver Lining
Completely undoing all the damage that Biden’s done won’t happen overnight. However, the November midterms will pose the one and only chance for the nation to course correct before going further down the hole.

Biden and Democrats have been very clear that if they keep congressional power, they’ll proceed with passing policies that created today’s disasters.

However, if Republicans win back control of Congress, Biden will no longer have a blank check to pass whatever he wants. With the midterms being widely viewed as a precursor for the 2024 election, GOP victories will also pave the way to a Republican president taking back the White House.