Thumbs up for Governor Pete Ricketts

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As someone very familiar with the evil of communism, let me say thumbs up for the good people of Nebraska. This is from Fox:

“The Chinese Communist Party is recognizing their 100th anniversary, and they are going to talk about all the things the Chinese Communist Party has done in a very positive light. But it’s also important to remember that whenever communism has been implemented across this world, what he have seen is a lot of human suffering,” Ricketts said, noting that communist governments have been responsible for the deaths of nearly 100 million people.

“And China really is no different,” he continued, “the Chinese Communist Party we can see till this day continues to oppress people like the Uighurs.” Ricketts also recalled Chinese treatment of Tibetans, people in Hong Kong and religious groups like Falun Gong.

Ricketts, a Republican, also pointed to Chinese practices such as intellectual property theft in addition to alleged human rights abuses.

It’s time to look at the whole picture.

First, teach students about the crimes and political executions. From Lenin to Castro to North Korea to China, there are millions dead.

Second, the tactics of the left have to be understood. We saw this in Cuba. They preach social justice, then they turn schools into centers of indoctrination, then they erase history to justify their excesses and, finally, they accuse you of some “…ism” if you are not on board with the party line.

I recall my parents talking about this. The state took over everything. Baseball games were now completely politicized, from slogans all over the stadium to saying the “sacrifice,” a baseball play to advance a runner, is now part of what citizens have to do to promote the revolution.

In schools, they threw away the old books and replaced them with a new version of history. People were actually erased from photos, especially people who stood up to communism.

Yes, let’s talk about the executions, but let’s not forget the execution of their plan.