Tim Ryan Argues US ‘Can’t Compete With Slave Labor in China’

During an appearance on “The Record With Greta Van Susteren,” Rep. Tim Ryan (D-OH) argued that American companies manufacturing solar panels “can’t compete with slave labor in China,” and asserted that doing so is “morally wrong and economically stupid.”

“There’s an opportunity for us here in the United States to do exactly what needs to be done,” Ryan said. “I was just in Toledo, Ohio, at Toledo Solar. We can produce solar panels here in the United States, but we can’t compete with slave labor in China.”

“We’re trying to improve the environment here,” the Ohio Democrat added. “China’s terrible on all of these issues. But if we’re going to rebuild the middle class here in the United States, we can’t ask our workers here, our companies here, to compete with slave labor, and that’s exactly what’s happening.”

While left-wing climate change activists claim that they are making a difference by purchasing solar panels, the fact is that a significant amount of these products are made in China utilizing slave labor in factories that definitely could care less about the environment.

If Democrats actually cared about the environment, they would be making it easier for companies to make these products in the U.S. and making it more difficult to purchase them from China. According to a report from the Rhodium Group, China emits more greenhouse gas than the entire developed world combined. Why should the U.S. be buying any products from them, especially alternative energy products, when it just contributes to their continued pollution?

According to Ryan, the U.S. needs to start relying on domestically produced energy, which he says will create jobs.

“I think we need to rely on American-made solar panels,” the Democrat congressman said, adding, “I also think we need to significantly expand natural gas in the United States,” which would “create a lot of jobs here in America, and we can have a significant impact on carbon in Europe, carbon in China.”

“We can sell it abroad through liquid natural gas,” he claimed. “There’s many different aspects here, but if we’re going to dominate these industries in the future, we can’t compete with slave labor.”

Ryan’s comments come just two months after President Joe Biden waived tariffs on solar panel imports from China for two years, which critics have argued will not help lower energy costs as the Biden administration claims, and will instead only serve to help communist China.