Tim Tebow Tackling Issue Politicians Ignore — Human Trafficking

Politicians give lip service at times to stopping human trafficking, but it is still prevelant and by many accounts getting worse. Now, one of the truly great representatives of what good people can do, Tim Tebow, is working to stop the plague worldwide.

Tebow of course is a former two-time national championship and Heisman Trophy winning quarterback at Florida who moved on to the NFL. He is also an outspoken Christian who does not shy away from putting his faith into action.

While celebrating his 35th birthday over the weekend, Tebow took time to appear on Fox News’ “Sunday Night in America” to decry the evil of human trafficking. The former sports star said that “40.3 million people right now” are believed to be trapped in this horrific world.

Even more, he noted, are being exploited online.

Tebow told the story of his father, a minister, who literally rescued four young girls from being auctioned. This experience led him to push for shelters to protect trafficking victims and hide them from their abusers.

He frankly said there is an “army of bad people doing terrible things” that must be countered by an army of good people standing up for their victims. As he told the audience, “there are so many precious lives on the line.”

The Tim Tebow Foundation is working to build a center in Thailand to aid with the protection of trafficking victims. He noted that many of the victims do not have a place of refuge and live in constant fear of being taken back into that world.

He said there are 15 girls there currently waiting for the home to be finished and many others they are hoping to rescue. Tebow noted there are “so many girls and boys and women and even some men” who are trapped by human traffickers.

The numbers are staggering. The Huffington Post said 1.2 million children are trafficked each year, and the federal government reported 57% of all who are trapped in this world are minors.

It is refreshing to see someone with the star status that Tim Tebow carries being true to their faith every day. And unlike leaders who may release a tweet or even show up for a photo-op, he is unafraid to take a courageous stand to help the most powerless among us get their lives back.