Tony Dungy Quotes Obama in Support of DeSantis

Former NFL coach Tony Dungy responded to fierce criticism for standing with Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis by quoting former President Barack Obama’s own words.

The Super Bowl winning coach appeared with DeSantis on Monday supporting the state’s new $70 million Responsible Fatherhood initiative. This is hardly a controversial program, as it passed unanimously through a normally contentious legislature.

The program directs funds to help educational and mentorship programs across the state in support of children, fathers and families. Not exactly a radical proposal, and Dungy, a moral authority respected by nearly everyone — with the exception of the radical left — made rather obvious observations.

Dungy spoke of working in prison ministry while coaching the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and being surprised to see mostly very young men behind bars. He found that over nine of ten of the prisoners grew up without their father present.

Former MSNBC host and perpetual whiner Keith Olbermann lashed out at Dungy, calling him a “fraud” and a “fascist political prop.” Deadspin called the former coach a “prop by bigots.” The Atlantic’s Jemele Hill asked if fathers “can’t find a job,” are “abusive,” or a “casualty of the fake war on drugs” in her denunciation of Dungy.

Dungy, as good people tend to do, doubled down on his clearly true statements along with his support for DeSantis’ initiative. On Twitter, he noted that his words on behalf of the Florida bill “offended some people.”

He recalled that 14 years ago, President Obama “said the same things almost verbatim.” Then, in a poignant and priceless observation, added that he assumed “people were outraged with him too.” Obama’s words noted that over half of Black children live in single-parent households, a number that doubled in his lifetime. The remarks were made on Father’s Day at a Chicago church.

Denying the truth does not make it any less true, and selectively attacking one messenger when another delivered the same message only reveals the bias of the attacker. Coach Dungy stood with DeSantis in support of the Responsible Fatherhood initiative as any reasonable person would, and as a reward for his morality gets crushed by the left.