Top Generals Accuse Biden Of Lying About Afghanistan Pullout In Sworn Testimony

Generals Kenneth “Frank” McKenzie and Scott Miller, commanders of US forces in Afghanistan, testified before Congress that they suggested to President Joe Biden that the Pentagon maintain a presence in Afghanistan of at least 2,500 troops. In an August 19 interview with George Stephanopoulos, Biden stated that no one had suggested extending troops’ presence in Afghanistan past August 31. The evidence was exceptional, given how rarely a serving commander contradicts his superior. Additionally, General McKenzie encouraged Donald Trump to retain 4,500 troops in Afghanistan.

Moreover, McKenzie refused to meet with Sen. Jim Inhofe to discuss his “personal suggestion” to President Obama. However, he continued, withdrawing such personnel would almost certainly result in the collapse of the Afghan military forces and, ultimately, the Afghan government. McKenzie also confessed that he discussed specifically with Biden last week Gen. Scott Miller’s plea to leave a few thousand troops on the ground, which Miller discussed in a secret session last week. Is General Mark Milley on board with the idea of retaining 2,500 troops in Afghanistan? Milley concurred. Senator Tom Cotton later questioned the general on whether he should have resigned in response to Biden’s defiance of his counsel.

Milley stated that resigning in protest would have been “political,” and the president is not obligated to accept his military advice. However, Milley noted that a cop resigning because his advice is ignored would be an incredible act of political opposition. He indicated that his decision was inspired by his father’s experience at Iwo Jima. Milley’s nobility, aside, the general rightly analyzed the political situation. Why should Milley fall on his sword when Biden is absolved of responsibility for his deceptions? Resignation of the principal? Transit Ipsum. Milley is a Washington pawn, and the term “principle” serves as a suitable cover for fooling Congress. Therefore, McKenzie’s testimony will provide an intriguing addition to the history of the era.