Top GOP Lawmaker Reveals The ‘Hidden Truth’ About Mask Mandates

At the rate things are going, 2022 will wind up being the year that COVID mandates and restrictions are sent back into nonexistence where they belong.

Across the world, there have been larger and larger demonstrations against these mandates. People are growing fed up with the ceaseless mandates from the federal government.

What started as staying home for two weeks to stop the spread of a virus has turned into an autocratic regime that wants anyone who dissents barred from society or worse.

This year, it’s become more than apparent that if people don’t stand up against these heavy-handed government mandates, then they’re never going to end.

Meanwhile, as grassroots efforts against tyranny continue to play out, top leaders also make their voices heard, as Fox News covers.

While speaking with Fox News host Sean Hannity, Sen. Paul vocalized what mask mandates have always been about.

According to the GOP lawmaker, mandates that force individuals to wear masks or incur penalties for noncompliance are about nothing more than submission. Paul informed Hannity and his audience that these mandates are about the big government taking a collectivist approach to manipulate American lives.

It isn’t just the Republican senator’s opinion. It’s backed up by data, facts, and legitimate science. Across the nation, right now, mask mandates are in effect for children attending school. Yet, in Sweden, schoolchildren aren’t forced to mask up, and amazingly, not a single child has died because of this.

Sen. Paul noted the decision for children to wear masks or not to wear masks should lie with the parents. Shortly after that, the Kentucky lawmaker noted the documented risk of myocarditis in young boys given the COVID vaccine.

Interestingly enough, this risk is something that “health and medical experts” haven’t quite gotten around to addressing yet. Go figure.

The United States would benefit from having more leaders and lawmakers like Sen. Paul.

Paul has been steadfast in calling out the corruption and duplicity of Dr. Anthony Fauci. Fauci’s been all over the place when it comes to his guidance. He’s lied about emails, prior knowledge he had about COVID, gain-of-function research, and more.

Quite frankly, Fauci should be legally held accountable for the lies and damage he’s inflicted upon the nation. Yet, so long as Democrats are controlling the federal government, this will not happen.

However, Paul has stated that if Republicans take back control of Congress, action against Fauci will immediately begin.