Transgender Activists Have Stooped to a New Low

This past Friday, Harry Potter actor Robbie Coltrane died. Coltrane rose to prominence years ago after portraying the much-loved Hagrid character throughout the series.

As news of Coltrane’s passing made news, many people across the world shared their condolences. Harry Potter fans everywhere said Coltrane would be missed and always remembered for how he brought Hagrid to life in all eight Harry Potter movies.

Unfortunately, there are always a few bad apples in the bunch. This time, the bad apples turned out to be radical transgender activists who viciously went after Coltrane, following his death, over his previous defense of Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling.

The supposed sin that these activists deemed to be so egregious was Rowling daring to acknowledge that gender is real and not just a made-up construct as leftists claim.

A Disgraceful Display
Every since Rowling came out stating that gender is real, womanhood is real, and should not be discounted, transgender activists went after her online. They issued death threats against Rowling and called her an extremist.

What’s most ironic about all this is Rowling is not even close to “far-right,” as transgender activists so often assert. She’s shared fairly liberal views on a variety of policy matters. Yet, when it comes to gender, Rowling isn’t going to ignore truth and biology.

Coltrane agreed with Rowling. In fact, when he was alive, he defended her, saying that none of her comments about gender were offensive whatsoever. The Hagrid actor also claimed that folks in the “Twitter generation” seem to be waiting around for something to be angry about.

This is what set off the left-wing transgender mob. In some of the most disgusting remarks, transgender activists suggested that Coltrane is now burning in hell. Others said the much-loved actor should “rot” and they don’t care that he’s gone.

His Legacy Lives On
Despite the best efforts from the hate mob, Coltrane’s legacy will live on and he’ll be remembered fondly.

For the countless people across the globe who watched the Harry Potter movies, it’s impossible to forget Coltrane’s performance. Hagrid, as a character, was fun-loving, moral, and an unbreakable ally to Harry Potter, the protagonist of Rowling’s series.

For years on end, transgender activists have claimed to be all about acceptance and fairness. Unfortunately, this latest display proves the opposite. These activists want compliance and submission to their worldviews, nothing less.