Transportation Secretary Makes Outrageous Remarks About Keystone Pipeline

If the Keystone Pipeline were still active and running today, energy prices would be a lot lower than they currently are. Many Americans would be better off. It is especially applicable to the 11,000 people who lost their jobs once Biden chose to strike down Keystone Pipeline.

The Keystone Pipeline played a vital role in establishing American energy independence. Though, since getting into the White House, Biden’s made his lack of appreciation for energy independence more than plain.

For some unfathomable reason, Biden believes it’s preferable for the United States to have to rely on foreign nations for energy production. However, all this does is drive up prices at home and make America more vulnerable.

Unfortunately, the folks working in the federal government just don’t get it. It is more than evident from recent remarks from Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, as pointed out by RedState.

While speaking with MSNBC this week, Buttigieg showed the nation just how unqualified he is to hold his current position.

According to the Transportation Secretary, bringing back the Keystone Pipeline would be akin to implementing a “permanent” fix to a supposedly “short-term problem.”

Buttigieg made this foolish remark about rising calls for the Biden administration to target Russia’s oil supply (in light of the nation’s attacks on Ukraine) and end America’s reliance on foreign nations.

There’s no way the United States can cease to rely on other nations for energy if we’re not producing any here at home. However, Buttigieg believes that purchasing oil from Iran, a known US enemy, is preferable to producing our own oil here in the states.

The Transportation Secretary was also evident in asserting to MSNBC that America buying oil from Iran is very much on the table. The Biden administration appears more likely to go this route than revive the Keystone Pipeline.

Once again, the Biden administration continues to put America last every chance it gets. From the way Biden, Buttigieg and others conduct themselves, it’s almost as if domestic energy production is somehow an impossibility. Only it’s not.

The Biden administration’s refusal to employ balanced and strategic actions to restore US energy independence is all the more reason America needs better leadership.

The last thing the United States should do is rely on our enemies for critical resources, especially when we have the tools to generate these resources here at home.