Trudeau Blames ‘Climate Change’ For Canadians Opposing Tyrannical Policies

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is once again attacking his own citizens, this time trying to claim that those who oppose his tyrannical agenda are mentally ill.

While speaking with a reporter, Trudeau blamed “increasing anxiety because of climate change” and “a rise in mental health and addiction problems” for Canadians’ anger towards their politicians and opposition to his radical authoritarian agenda.

The prime minister — who has instituted some of the world’s most Draconian COVID lockdowns, restrictions and vaccine mandates — made the comments attacking Canadian citizens after a reporter asked about the government’s claim regarding the “rise in threats” faced by politicians.

While the reporter did not elaborate on the supposed threats or cite any examples, the Trudeau government has continuously claimed to be the victim of the Canadian people in order to dismiss criticism of its policies.

After pausing and appearing to be emotionally triggered by the question, Trudeau — a close associate of the World Economic Forum — tried to blame “increasing anxiety because of climate change,” among a number of other excuses.

“We’ve been through a lot. As a country [and] as a world over these past years,” the prime minister said, before launching into a rant accusing his political opposition of mental illness.

“Obviously, the pandemic, increasing anxiety because of climate change. Transformations of our economy. A rise in mental health and addiction problems, particularly with the opioid crisis that has been ravaging communities right across the country. It’s a lot of pressure on a lot of people,” Trudeau added.

The prime minister then argued that “it’s going to take the orders of government” to solve the problems plaguing Canadians and others.

Trudeau went on to claim that Canada “made it through the pandemic” better than the rest of the world, neglecting to mention the massive trucker protests that shut down the Capital City of Ottawa and other major metro areas in opposition to Trudeau’s vaccine mandates.

Similar to the Biden administration, Trudeau’s government has desperately tried to paint any opposition to its radical agenda as attacks from violent right-wing extremists. Despite his claims, the Canadian trucker protests against the authoritarian COVID mandates ended up being the largest peaceful act of civil disobedience in Canada’s history.

Meanwhile, people across Canada and the United States, including former Democrat congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard, have called Trudeau out for his demonization of peaceful protesters.

During the trucker convoy in Winnipeg, a radical far-left Antifa member — who had been accused of serial pedophilia — attempted to kill several protesters by ramming them with his SUV. Despite the fact that he mowed down and injured four protesters, police refused to declare the attack an act of terrorism or even call it a politically-motivated assault. Instead, they claimed it was just a “hit and run.”

The media cover-up of the attack stands in total contrast to the treatment of the convoy protesters themselves, who Canadian media and Trudeau smeared as “Nazis” and “Confederates” and “white supremacists” among other slurs, for not wanting to take the experimental COVID vaccine.