Trump Asserts Legal Challenges Are Attempt To Stop 2024 Presidential Run

Former President Donald Trump said the legal assaults coming at him from all sides are simply moves to try to keep him off the ballot for the 2024 presidential election.

On Fox News Thursday, Trump told host Sean Hannity that he believes that if he were to announce that he will not make a bid for the White House, the deluge of legal activity would end.

Hannity initially ran through various legal actions and court cases involving the former president before asking if it would all go away if he passed on running in 2024. Trump replied, “Yeah.”

He added that it would have to look good, so some of the proceedings would take a little while before disappearing. Hannity asked him if he was going to make such an announcement, and Trump said he would not, that he likes this “because we’ve done such a good job.”

The Fox News host, of course, followed up by asking directly if he would be in fact running for president. It was then that Mr. Trump said that he is “not allowed to legally” announce that he is indeed a candidate.

This is a similar answer to the one given when President Joe Biden was asked the same question on “60 Minutes” recently. Biden, like Trump, is aware that once a formal announcement is rendered, there are now legal issues of reporting that begin.

It has become almost a sport for prosecutors in various states to go after Trump on this or that charge.

The latest is a fraud lawsuit against the former president by New York’s attorney general seeking to “recover” $250 million and, as the New York Times reports, run him out of business in the state.

Trump’s company goes on trial next month in Manhattan on tax-related charges, and there are multiple civil suits lined up from individuals trying to tie the former president to actions on Jan. 6.

It is clear that this wave of litigation is an attempt to ruin the former president, and certainly part of the intent is to keep him from regaining the White House in 2024. Mr. Trump is correct — most of it would vanish like a vapor if he declined to seek reelection, but that is highly unlikely.