Trump-Backed Kevin Kiley Brings GOP To House Majority

It appears that Republicans will officially take control of the House. The Trump-backed Kevin Kiley (R-CA) beat his Democrat opponent in a race for California’s third congressional district on Tuesday, taking a majority in the House for the Republican Party.

Breitbart News reported that the race was called for Kiley after GOP candidates won in five key House districts in California and Arizona on Monday night.

Kiley showed great enthusiasm and positivity for how he thought the race would turn out last week:

The Republican candidate called for the GOP to return to Trump-style policies during his campaign.

He spoke with Breitbart News in March:

If we get the majority in Congress, we’re going to need to actually put forward legislation that would return us to those policies of the Trump era that were moving our country in the right direction to try to actually get our economy going again, to try to return security to our border, to lower taxes.

Republican Reps. Mike Garcia (R-CA), David Valadao (R-CA), and Lauren Boebert (R-CO) are currently leading in their ongoing races, which reportedly could result in a Republican majority of 221 should the trio prevail.

Kiley appeared on Fox News’s “The Ingraham Angle” to discuss his projected win, telling show host Laura Ingraham that he is very excited to come in and “bring some new leadership to his country.” He additionally stressed that the House of Representatives is the most responsive to public opinion and that he consequently plans to honor the wishes of Americans by bringing the change they are seeking by electing a new House majority.

“Clearly, what we have seen is that there are record levels of dissatisfaction with the American people right now when it comes to the economy, when it comes to the absolutely open border when it comes to rising crime across this country when it comes to the assault on parental rights and education… you see that Americans are registering record levels of dissatisfaction that we have clearly not seen,” added Kiley.