Trump Calls Out Biden’s G7 Stumble And Media Deflection

President Donald Trump took aim at President Joe Biden during a rally in Racine, Wisconsin, on Tuesday, criticizing Biden’s recent missteps at the G7 summit and the ensuing controversy over video clips depicting Biden being led offstage by former President Barack Obama.

At the G7 summit, Biden was seen wandering away from world leaders and later had an awkward moment with Pope Francis. The Biden campaign has labeled the viral video clips as “disinformation,” sparking a defense from White House officials who claimed the videos were manipulated.

Trump did not hold back, calling out Biden for embarrassing the United States on the world stage. “Joe Biden is humiliating our country on the world stage,” Trump told the crowd. He ridiculed the idea that the videos were faked, noting, “He’s blaming it now on AI, but he doesn’t know what AI is.”

Trump accused the media of covering up Biden’s cognitive decline while exaggerating his own faults. “With me, they take a good speech and make it look as bad as possible. With him, they take the worst speech you’ve ever heard and try to make him look semi-normal,” Trump said.

The former president continued, slamming the media as “shameless liars” for their biased coverage. He criticized the press for downplaying Biden’s frequent gaffes and for spreading falsehoods about the military during his own administration. “They’re the Russia, Russia, Russia people, the laptop from hell people,” Trump added, referencing past controversies.

Trump’s comments also touched on the Biden administration’s reliance on social media censorship, citing past efforts to suppress the Hunter Biden laptop story. He warned that the current administration’s actions are destructive to the country and vowed that voters in Wisconsin would reject Biden in the upcoming election.

Trump’s speech resonated with his base, highlighting ongoing concerns about Biden’s mental fitness and media integrity. As the election season heats up, such criticisms are likely to play a central role in the political discourse.