Trump Criticizes Alaska’s ‘Ranked-Choice Crap’ Voting System

It’s no shock that former President Donald Trump is not a fan of faulty voting systems seeing as what went down in the 2020 election. Now he is rebuking Alaska’s ranked-choice voting structure.

Trump gave a dire warning that the state might elect RINOs, or worse, turn blue due to the election system. He suggests that Republican candidates Sarah Palin and Kelly Tshibaka might lose the seats they are running for in the midterm election.

Former vice-presidential candidate Palin is running for a House seat, while Tshibaka is vying for a Senate position.

“I know what’s going to happen: You have that ranked-choice crap voting,” Trump told the Alaska Airlines Center crowd.

Trump was in Anchorage, Alaska, to do a Save America rally and spoke to a crowd full of his supporters.

“If you’re in fifth place, you get put in. If you are in third place [you’re in]. Sarah Palin won, but we had a couple of people in second place, we’re going to give them the victory, right?”

Voters can rank candidates by preference on their ballots in a ranked-choice voting system. It falls under the category of an electoral system and the candidates get ranked for finishing in places other than the No. 1 spot.

“You know, you got to watch that; this is really horrible what’s going on with our elections,” Trump continued. “So-and-so had five votes for fifth place, so we’re going to give them the victory. It’s crazy. It’s crazy.”

Trump has endorsed Tshibaka, who is battling Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-AL) for the Senate seat. Murkowski voted to make Alaska a rank-choice voting state, which Trump took issue with.

“And you know who got it put in? Lisa Murkowski got it put in, because she knows she knew,” Trump said. “Just look at the polls. She knew she could not win a straight-up election, so she went for crazy rank choice.”

Trump explained that this voting system is essentially rigged and does not support a fair election.

“You never know who won in ranked choice. You could be in third place, they announced that you won the election. It’s a total rig deal, just like a lot of other things in this country.”

With Trump’s support, Palin and Tshibaka hope to secure seats in the midterms. But with Alaska’s current voting system, it appears it might be an uphill battle.